Plan to Reach People

Please read the Operation Somebody Cares Campaign Manual online for free at this link.

The plan is listed on the website below.

It is also listed below. This plan may be used with Operation Somebody Cares tracts and Chick tracts.

Operation Somebody Cares is a must for such a time as this!

The Lord has given us a window of time to reach our neighborhoods and others with the Gospel, and it must be accomplished before the storm hits. Very dark clouds of war, riots, and terrorism are on the horizon.

Many years ago, my pastor tested my Operation Somebody Cares plan. One hundred homes were chosen. Every few days a team of two people would visit ten homes and give to them another tract. By the fourth visit, a bonding began. People would ask for prayer because they knew somebody cared. The result was 18 out of 100 homes responded. Some were saved and all were warned. It worked!

The Lord Jesus has given us this command: “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15. That, beloved, includes the neighborhoods surrounding us, filled with people who haven’t a clue of the coming judgement, or of the second death and its unending horror. Rev 20:14. They must be warned or their blood will be on our hands. Ezekiel 3:18.

I’m sure you see the problem. And Operation Somebody Cares is the solution. In my prayers, I believe the Lord is urging us to share the gospel before the storm is upon us. Pray about it, beloved. Any church or individual can be in God’s will by doing this.

Yours for the lost.

Two ways to do it:

A Witnessing Plan For Church Groups

Organize an outreach to saturate the local community around the church with the Gospel. If you want your church to grow, you must be persistent in sowing seed in the local neighborhood.

Print a map of the neighborhood right around the church. Plan an outreach day and organize church members in groups of 2­6 people. Each group will be assigned a street or two and will visit each house. Choose one title to give at every home for the first visit. Go door­knocking and give the tracts with an invitation to visit the church. Include a phone number and email so people can contact you with questions.

Next week, visit the same homes with the second tract in the series (you choose the title). After several visits, they will begin to see that you seriously care about THEM! Have all the team members meet back at the church after an hour or so to share how it went. They will encourage each other. This is an important element of Operation Somebody Cares.

Chick tracts or Operation Somebody Cares tracts get read and will get people thinking about eternity. They will have questions or comments and this will give you an opportunity to speak with them and create a relationship with anyone willing to talk. Highlight the free programs or benefits that the church offers without asking anything in return. Churches are there to serve the people and show them God’s love.

Pastors: Don’t get discouraged if the response from the neighborhood has been negative towards you or your church. Remember the Parable of the Sower, some seed WILL fall on good ground and bring forth fruit. There is nothing wrong with the seed (God’s Word), the problem is always the soil.

Without the sowing, there will be no harvest.

The only way we can be effective at soul­winning is to be persistent at sowing seed (God’s Word). It isn’t easy and sometimes you probably feel like you’re sowing on concrete! But without the sowing, there will be no harvest.

Operation Somebody Cares was created to give you some new ideas about how to reach all those you come in contact with and give them the gospel. Don’t judge the soil (the person). Just sow the seed as Jesus commanded. Let God do the rest. Jesus said some would fall on fertile ground.

The people who you think will never get saved just might be the ones who do!

A Witnessing Plan For Individuals

PURPOSE: To show those you regularly see that you CARE about their soul by being persistent in giving tracts to those same people.

Always have tracts with you and give them to people you meet in your daily routine. You don’t have to make any special plans or set aside part of your day. Just keep tracts in your pocket and hand them out to any who will accept them.

Do you visit the same places each week and see some of the same people? If so, choose six titles and rotate the tract titles that you give them. Start with a soft message like A Love Story or The Choice. Next time (or next week), follow up with a more serious message like This Was Your Life, Who Is He? or The Long Trip. By setting aside the six titles you want to give these same people, and giving all of them the “title of the week” you have chosen, it is easy to remember which one is to be the next title for those people. It’s all about caring enough to be PERSISTENT!

“When I was a waitress in my home town, I had a man and wife who’d leave one of these tracts with me and sometimes they came in a couple times a day. They tipped me VERY well and would always ask if I read the prior one. Eventually, they asked me to join them on a Sunday for church and the rest is history. Praise the Lord, these people cared for my soul...a complete stranger.” — A.B., Facebook

You will soon realize how easy it is to give out Operation Somebody Cares or Chick tracts because people love them and they will often ask for more. This will help you build a relationship with them so that they will be more open to talk to you about spiritual things.

As you come back time after time, it will soon become clear who is genuinely interested in spiritual things and those who are not ready yet. But, with Operation Somebody Cares or Chick tracts almost everyone will read them and make their own choice: Christ’s love and mercy —or His judgment.