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The mission of Operation Somebody Cares is to print and distribute illustrated tracts so that many may hear the gospel message and accept Jesus as their personal Savior. Our illustrated tracts are in the English, Spanish, Tagalog, Cebuano, Portuguese, Slovak, French, French (for Africa), Romanian, Swahili and Haitian Creole. We believe that illustrated gospel tracts get read more often than tracts with no pictures. We believe in the power of the printed Word of God in our illustrated gospel tracts.

Read the tract "What is your Life Story?" online by clicking on your preferred language below:

English, Spanish, Cebuano, Portuguese, Slovak, French, Tagalog, Romanian, Swahili, French (for Africa), Haitian Creole and Telugu

If you order "What is Your Life Story?" in English, you will be sent the new version of the tract unless you specify that you want the old version.

Read the tract "Am I a Good Person?" in English and Spanish.

Read "What is Your Life Story?" in English at http://whatisyourlifetract.com/

Read "What About Tomorrow?" in English and Taking the Next Step discipleship booklet in English and Spanish.

You may read online the Illustrated Gospel of Romans in English and Spanish.


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